29 December 2007

roses are red...

the cold made us blue, homeschoolers love field trips, & parade floats too! so poetic, & so true! i may still be a slight shade of blue today. brrrrr. we went with a small group of homeschoolers to see the rose parade floats being finished. what fun!

pestilence is brewing at my house. it was bound to happen, what with all our friends having been ill the last few weeks. it looks like the remainder of 07 will be spent at home, in our jams. :-(

i have a terrible secret to share! i killed our holiday tree. a few days ago it dawned on me that i hadn't watered it very often. it still looked green & lovely, so i assumed it hadn't needed much. i should say that it's not a pine (i'm allergic.) we think it's a juniper...pine-looking, with soft 'needles.' when i went to check the soil, i noted that the 'needles' were hard & brittle. oops! we think the lack of water, & the heated air turned it to tree jerky. sigh. thehobbit hasn't yet noticed. that makes 4 trees in 4 years dead.

i just looked up to find my entire bigroom turned into a sherrif station. oh sorry... he corrected me... it's andy's home, the station is in the playroom. ok the bench with pots & pans atop it makes more sense now. he's just explained that it's his day off, & that's why he's not wearing his uniform & badge. if you were wondering what he is wearing (whilst lounging in an armchair, reading a 'newspaper'): dress shirt, sweater vest, slacks, daddyo's slippers. one fun little kid!

well my only reader, if pestilence is truly upon us, i should take care of a few things around the house. have a lovely day, & make sure to smell some roses! ~peace.

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