03 December 2007

i'm dreaming...

of a newwww camera... err whiiiiite christmas. that's the song that's going through my head right now. there is a radio station here that plays non-stop christmas songs from thanksgiving, to christmas - & as every year, thehobbit is obsessed with it. i truly would like a new camera though. one that zooms, takes clear photos, & doesn't make all indoor shots appear as though they were taken in a cave. a white christmas would be lovely too. but as we live in southern california, i shan't hold my breath on that dream.

elive is behaving nicely this morn. here are the latest drink slings

the brightly-colored one is a bit of fabric left from the market bags we made for the roots & shoots peace day. those sold out quickly, so hopefully there is some peace day mojo attached to the fabric.

a closer peek

the grosgrain inside the lip was an idea i had after i'd already made the first bunch. it makes getting your drink bottle in easier. i use the same color on all of them, as i do with the thread. i'm running low, so i shall have to go back (oh how sad) to the amazing ribbon store for more.

countdown, day 2: today is the day we'll bake bread & eat it! yum!

review: fun! i didn't plan very well, & found that my yeast had long since expired. did that stop us? nope...we made quick bread instead. i found some yummy scone recipes, but thehobbit chose raisin-cinnamon bread (yuck.) he & manlyman said it was delicious. thehobbit asked if every sunday can be baking day. i think that is a lovely idea.

i'd like to revamp manlyman's grandma ruby's banana bread recipe. it is so delicious, but we don't use crisco... i'm sure that is what made it taste so good. any ideas how to substitute? i am a wretched baker, so dare not try to figure that out on my own.

i just looked up to see what thehobbit was doing, & found him playing with a jar of shells. how wonderful that at 9 he still loves the simple things! i love it! my sweet little boy. arrrgh! that was a too-brief moment of quiet mama-bliss. he just asked for the laptop, so he could google how creatures poop if they live in sea shells. *deep sigh*

& on that note...


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