20 December 2007

less ready each day

just yesterday i vowed to cut things from my list, so i could relax & enjoy the holidays. & so i did. it wasn't easy, but i did it, & i was ever so proud!
then today i decided that i should make a scarf for my dad, minisoap2 needed a flannel boo-monster for xmas, & the minipoms' faery skirts simply must have sequins. sigh. i suppose i should be grateful i didn't think about sequins before i packed the five faery skirts to be shipped. silver linings.

i never did get anywhere near the end of my to-do list. i have met me... i don't think that entire list stands a chance of getting to-done.

countdown, day 19: today we shall make orange pomanders with friends!
review: the friends have pestilence, so we made ours without them. we did see them (through car windows) when we went to pick up our order. the activity was fun, & the oranges look lovely studded with cloves. i'm a tad sick of the aroma at the moment, but there are worse smells. said smell shall be taking a bath tomorrow for sure.

today's solstice prezzie for you:
(adapted by dorothy morrison from "a visit from st. nicholas")
the dawning of solstice
t'was the dawning of the solstice
the shortest day of the year
and we cheered on the mother
for her delivery was near
and as we watched the pink streaks
that flasthed bright in the sky
we knew he was coming
in the flash of an eye
then the mother groaned once
and an orange streak appeared
then yellow, then white
and we all laughed and cheered
then the first ray of sunshine
bathed us all with its light
and we knew that the sun
had been born of the night
and he rose in the sky - just a tiny bright ball -
to warm our hearts and our planet...
happy solstice to all!



maltagirl said...

we missed you as well! i guess we will make our orange today. :(( i have four bloody ounces of cloves now!

happy solstice

kat said...

blessed be!

Kelley said...

lovely solstice poem- kids loved it too!

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