30 October 2007

forced to focus

i have been so focused on getting my biz up & running, on getting our costumes finished for hallowe'en, & a zillion other things - that i have totally ignored hallowe'en itself! no pumpkin carving, no crafting, no cooking pumpkiny goodness, no singing along with jack skellington, no quiet discussions of those who've passed, no parties, no harvesting... nothing mainstream, nothing spiritual.

well life decided to step in. yesterday my sewing machine went mad, then costume pieces weren't taking the black dye (later i realized i'd forgotten the salt - duh.) today my computer won't upload pics onto the blog.

i was about to have a very impressive tantrum when it hit me - i'm being handed a gift! the machine can be tended on thursday, i can do some sewing marathons to make up for a few days lost, everything's homeschooling, & the blog? well as i only have the one reader at the moment, i'm sure the lack of photos will not be the end of kats in the belfry as we know it.

so after i post this, i plan on puttering about the farm with thehobbit, helping him gently carve a design into our garden's one growing pumpkin, lunch while watching the nightmare before christmas, & then? we'll see where the day takes us... all in costume of course.

forced to let it all go, & focus on what matters most. how lucky am i?

~peace & blessed be.

26 October 2007

i braved the iron!!!!!!

manlyman used it & couldn't get it to zap him. apparently it only shocks me when he isn't around to keep me safe. my plan is to only use the iron when he's home, then to get an iron of my very own as soon as possible. one that is loyal to me, and not trying to electrocute me, so it can have manlyman all to itself.
i did manage to get quite a bit of work done this evening. yay! here is a (too-dark photo of a)batch of drink slings; 3 short, 3 long.

thehobbit wanted one, so here's his (with his klean kanteen poking out of the top,) & one for me!

and some yummy patchwork. this is going to be painful to cut for totes. just a few dozen more & i could have a new duvet.

no more work today, this kat needs to play. time for some brit-coms on pbs.

25 October 2007

did this really just happen?...

... have i actually created a blog?
if this turns out to be a great thing for me - princess of the technophobes - certain people will be bought large and many coffees. if not, then i'll get bored and eventually forget i ever owned a blog. either way it should work.
i don't do intros well, so to avoid a poorly-written personals ad, i'll just jump in.

thehobbit is ignoring his dinner (which itself is shocking) in favor of playing with his new obsession. auntie soap gave him a small, 2-story, wooden dollhouse of his very own. he and minisoap are currently reading the borrowers, and meeting weekly to make teeny furniture out of found objects. i think it's great fun, but he's finding objects in my boxes and tins! confession: the urge to decorate the dollhouse while he's sleeping is soooo strong! i can see a tiny headboard for the matchbox-bed made from curled paper clips, and i'd glue glass bead pulls to the little dresser he made. i love the skullie picture he glued to the wall, but he won't let me make a frame for it. spoil sport.

something odd happened with the iron. it felt like i was shocked. manlyman says that's not possible as it's brand new. his iron - he should know... but i won't touch it again. i have to sew two drink slings tonight, so he'll have to press my seams. hmmm sounds naughty.

just told thehobbit to put his things away, and get ready for bed. he's yelling 'nooo i'm eating dinner!' with a pair of scissors in one hand, and a piece of damask he nicked from my fabric baskets in the other. too damned cute.

i suppose i should do the parent thing, or i'll be writing, and he'll be building a 3rd story when manlyman gets home from work.

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