28 February 2011


i had a simply lovely birthday! we went for brunch where i ate my weight in belgian waffles, poked through a bookshop, then spent the remainder of the day doing absolutely nothing.

after a week of rainy days, we were happy for the warmth of the sun. look how beautifully it shone on these flowers!

i will be the gladdest thing
 under the sun!
i will touch a hundred flowers
 & not pick one.
~ edna st. vincent millay


26 February 2011

(not really) a whatchamacallit tutorial


i thought i'd share how i created this beautiful photo, um, whatchamacallit. now i should say that i don't usually like these whatchamacallit frames. when i see them at people's houses they seem random & cluttered to me. i wouldn't have chosen this myself.

when thehobbit was dinky, we were shopping for a daddyo-day prezzie. he saw this frame, & declared it the most perfect thing ever. i tried to interest him in other items, because a) i don't like whatchamacallits, & 2) it was a shiny black frame - so not my style. my stubborn boy could not be swayed.

the first thing i did was attack it with sandpaper. that took away the shine, & gave it a bit of shabbiness. only a bit, because this was a prezzie for manlyman, & he does not love shabby. freak.

next, i chose photos of thehobbit. if you are going to do this project, i recommend sticking with a theme. this will keep your whatchamacallit from looking random. here my theme was thehobbit.

i chose photos that represented who he was at the time. i also chose simple photos, to avoid things looking cluttered. if you peek again at the first photo you'll see a mix of close-ups, torso, & full-body shots. it's more interesting when you have that balance.

because this was many years ago, i did not have a digital camera, nor programs for altering photos. in fact, i think all i could do was scan photos, then turn them black & white. caveman days!

once i'd chosen & altered my photos, i printed them onto regular computer paper. i know! but we didn't have much money back then, so i used what i had. if you click on the photo below, you may even see faint lines in the photographs, from our sucky printer.

people often comment on this whatchamacallit. they're always surprised when i tell them how i made it. it goes to show that you don't need a lot of money to create something beautiful for someone you love.

i suppose i need to make one of elfling. that's this years daddyo-day prezzie taken care of! ;)


24 February 2011

birthday, the dress rehearsal


should you be frantically searching for the perfect frosting with which to top my birthday cake - search no further! pioneer woman shares a recipe for the most delicious frosting ever. i stumbled upon it a few weeks ago, & have already made it twice.

the dragonfly artisans threw me the loveliest of pre-birthday bashes last night. i was excited to share my find with them, so managed not to butcher made chocolate cupcakes (an organic box mix), & slathered them with the frosting.

everyone loved them.

i only wish i had made a second batch just for me to eat today. sigh.

note :: this frosting is the farthest thing from a healthy food one could get. it is also neither gluten-free, nor vegan.

17 February 2011

yet another tree


this one was taken in the late afternoon, on a rainy day. i love the sun peeking through the clouds & branches. oldies here should recognize this as the giant pine (aka treebeard) in my front yard. he has modelled for me many a time.

has anyone ever counted the photos of trees on this blog? if you are keeping track, don't tell me. i am content pretending i'm sane ;)


16 February 2011

get on the bus, gus.


this is something i have been working on for my bus-loving elfling.

i've a bit more embroidering to do before i can stitch it to the front of his new tote. i do love his current little tote, but the list of what he insists on taking everywhere is fast outgrowing what it can hold.

all of the totes we own are too big, so a new one (with lots of pockets) was in order.

i'd love to see what you're working on. leave a link in the comment section, so we all can take a peek!


13 February 2011

rose is a rose, is a rose, is a rose


i was poking through my files, & came across photos of exposition park's rose garden. i think it's quite pretty, but to be honest it's a bit too neat & tidy for me. still, i do enjoy visiting.

the modern building to the left of the garden is the california science center. the beautiful older building in the distance is the natural history museum. here is a closer view of the latter:

isn't it beautiful? i swear, older buildings make me swoony.  does anyone know how to tinker with photos? i'd love to remove the gardener's cart from the shot.

my favorite photo from that day?

the iron fence that surrounds the garden.

my favorite rose?

my gramma rose. she was also my absolute most favorite person in the world. she died 20 years ago. in that time i wed my split-apart & brought forth two children. life is odd - to think that it took 3 people to fill the hole where once there was a single rose ...


12 February 2011

what keeps me busy ...


 ... & melts my heart.

what is keeping you busy these days?
(thank you for the lovely hobbity birthday wishes!)

10 February 2011

did you know?


derived noun from teenage (q.v.), 1941. the earlier word for this was teener , attested in amer.eng. from 1894, and teen  had been used as a noun to mean "teen-aged person" in 1818.
combining form meaning "ten more than," from O.E. -tene, -tiene,  from P.Gmc. *tekhuniz  (cf. O.S. -tein , Du. -tien , O.H.G. -zehan , Ger. -zehn , Goth. -taihun ), an inflected form of the root of ten; cognate with L. -decim  (cf. It. -dici , Sp. -ce , Fr. -ze ). The combining form of ordinal numbers, -teenth,  developed from O.E. -teoða, -teoðe  (W.Saxon), teogoða  (Anglian) "tenth."


thehobbit is now a teen.

let the wild rumpus begin!

note :: these photos were taken by said teen, of his birthday prezzie!
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