30 December 2007

hiding & babbling

what i need to do is finish the cleaning i didn't get to yesterday, & wash the bedding. what i want to do is sew something, or cut pages from magazines so i can stop tripping over stacks, or finish the painting project i began yesterday (when i was supposed to be cleaning.) unable to do what i want, & refusing to do what i need... has me here online... hiding. shhhh.

look! a prezzie!!
manlyman's order was late in arriving, so i only received her yesterday. isn't she lovely? i'm not a fan of orange, but oh how i shall love her. watering the farm has been a royal pain in the arse since my last spray nozzle broke. do not waste money on plastic gardening tools; pieces o'crud the lot of them. now i can water without having thehobbit stand at the faucet adjusting the water for all the various stages of growth. the last time he didn't hear me call for a low trickle, & an entire row of seeds went flying who knows where.

i know i'm not the only person pleased by receiving simple prezzies. what everyday items send you swooning?

time to stop hiding, & time to get to cleaning. paper said she never starts a new year with a messy home. i think that sounds like a peaceful way to ring in the new.
i covet this!

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