15 December 2007


why did you not tell me of my new, favorite plaything!?! you sign up (free!,) & start creating your own stations. how very simple, & how wonderful! i don't know how i have lived this long without it. some of my favorite artists aren't featured, but i've managed to find many more that are. manlyman set it up for me last night, (before abandoning me to leave for his swanky hollywood party) & i hardly missed him; what with my personal concert & all. all being a pint of chocolate soycream.

elvie & i are much better today, so here are the promised photos :-)

my new apron! i used pieces of my most favorite fabrics for this. the body was left from an armchair slipcover i made eons ago, the flowered was a bit of fabric i bought at a thrift shop, & the taupe was scrap from a renaissance faire skirt. i couldn't resist the early morning light coming through the kitchen windows.

here is detail of the neck strap.. hung on my match safe (a thrift shop treasure.)

can you believe i bought this oil lamp at a dollar store on thursday? ok i bought 2, but seriously! i wish i'd gotten a whole mess of them.

countdown, day 14: today we shall snuggle, & watch holiday movies! review: nope. after our r&s meeting, i lay on the couch in a migrane stupor until manlyman came home from work. by then thehobbit didn't want to sit still for a movie, he wanted instead to arrest daddyo, & put him in jail with otis (stuffed doll 'sequoia', playing the roll of otis in thehobbit's mayberry production.) ok by me. i wasn't up for holiday cheer to be honest.

did you know it's almost christmas?! yes i knew it too, but it is almost christmas! i have not sent our holiday cards, nor have i mailed prezzies to my brother's beautiful little chickies! bad auntie. we're a tad famous in my family for sending packages with this holiday's prezzie, plus a belated birthday prezzie, & a few times even the prezzie from the same holiday last year. pathetic + sad = pathetisad.

have a lovely saturday oh solo reader of mine! i have to "inlaw" my house today. what is that you ask? when your manlyman's mama is due to visit; neither regular clean, nor company clean will do. oooh. when is she due? tomorrow. ah. when did i hear of her visit? yesterday. yikes! indeed. ~peace.

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