07 December 2007

it's raining, it's pouring....

... no it's not! no old man snoring here! the predicted rainstorm is nowhere in sight! yay! we did get a bit in the night; & there's sure to be more; but nowhere near what they thought would hit us.
that means the winter faire is to go on as planned!!!!!!! yay! please go if you can, & please stop by the dragonfly artisans booth. i'll be selling: market bags, patchie totes, drink slings, needle books, & dinkie gnomies. who shall be my first customer?

i am sorry i've no pictures to share today. i had to wrap elvie in oilcoth in case the roof patching didn't work (again.) the drip would have to be directly above my computer. even with the rain being vastly less than expected, i dare not remove the covering until i can be sure the threat has passed. soon. i promise!

countdown, day 6: today we will cut, & hang our solstice spirals!
review: through the day i heard, "can we make them now?" "now?" "how about now?" i eventually was able to say "yes!" which resulted in a squeal, & a huge grin from my wee boy. we hung two perfectly formed spirals (mine,) and 5 of the wonkiest ones you can imagine (his) - along with two sparkley stars just for fun. (cut an 8in circle from white sketch paper, then cut it into a spiral. pierce a hole in the center, tie on a length of fishing line, & hang it from your ceiling! a row of them is lovely.)

as much as i love spending time with you, i fear i must be off. there is much to do today, sweet reader. the next time we speak, kats in the belfry will have sailed her maiden voyage! wish me luck!

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