27 December 2007

fear not, for we are safe...

...should any goblins decide to storm our house. yes i know! whew indeed.
today auntiesoap & i took the shorties to a private screening of this. as soon as we got home, thehobbit ran about making sure we had salt, tomato sauce; every protection he saw in the movie, & could remember from the books. he even met daddyo at his car with something steel (this... which just cracks me up!,) to escort him safely inside. i love how seriously kids take things... it makes for a vastly more fun life.

during the screening, i spent almost as much time watching thehobbit & minisoap, as i did the film. where does time go? i didn't see my wee boy... he looked so big. the two of them cheering at the screen, & whispering to eachother. i asked; during a few scary scenes; if he was ok, & he nodded without even looking me. just nodded! as in 'yeah lady shhhh i'm watching a film here!' whatever.
as quickly as that glimpse of what's to come appeared, it vanished. in the car they were their usual giggling, odd, little selves, & i couldn't see the big kid in him no matter how hard i looked.

ahhh this mamahood.... quite the journey.


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