11 December 2007

that list just gets longer

we began the day with a list of things that must get done. we got washed & dressed, then set out, list in hand. after we bought manlyman's christmas prezzie (sorry, i cannot handmake a set of free weights) we spent the remainder of the day doing not one... not one! thing on our to-do list. wow. aside from knowing i now have an even longer list of things i must take care of asap, that impresses me. that two adults with great intentions managed to do none of it, & had a lovely day whilst nothing was getting done.

we did buy a bunch of 18gal storage bins for the garage. let me clarify... for manlyman to store his off-season clothes. the man has more clothes than any one person should. he also utilizes the largest closet in our home - or rather the only large one. his is in the part of the house added on in the 50s. the other two closets are literally regular doors, with door-sized spaces behind them. hopefully these bins will keep the stacks of his overflow off the streets... so to speak. or maybe i mean that literally? heehee. if you need large bins, & don't mind what they look like; we got these at target for $4! that is an amazing price. the catch? they are red with green lids. i imagine to store holiday decor. at least manlyman will know which are his in the garage at first glance hahahahaha! or should i say hohohohoho!? sorry reader, i've not yet had coffee, & i'm a bit slap-happy.

coutdown, day 10: today we will bake & decorate cookies! yum!
review: we ran out of time as nothing took quite a lot of time. he had been promised an hour of games with daddyo, so had to choose which to do. i lost. normally i love being chosen, but i will share a secret with you... i wanted to be alone for a little while! so yay games with daddyo!

today we are making mittens from fulled, wool sweaters. fun! we finished the borrowers, so will be spending the remainder of december, & all of january, reading & crafting this! which we leave for in just over an hour, & me still in my jams. bye!

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