17 December 2007

ever so proud!

today my hobbity boy did something that made me proud. i feel silly posting twice in one day, but i just had to gush.
we took him to b&n, so he could use his new gift card. while there we saw a display on buying books to donate. did he want to do that with some of his gift card? yes he did! we chose a tag that read "boy, age 9" then went poking about the kiddie section. he decided upon one of his favorites:

he could have used the entire gift card on himself... it was one of his christmas prezzies. no pressure, no sneaky ploys to get him to buy for a stranger. he just thought it was a good idea, & happily did it. i love being his mama.

ps... they are making it into a movie!

1 comment:

Kelley said...

that is Very cool! what a sweetie

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