31 December 2007

looking back, ahead, & inward

i cannot believe we've come to the end of another year. one year ago today i was worrying what 2007 would bring. thehobbit was scheduled for surgery in january, & all that could go wrong never left my mind.
today i sit in wonder, looking back at everything that we've been through since. it seems at once so long ago, & just yesterday. my memories of that frightening time will never leave me... but that's good. it keeps me aware of how fragile life is, & how truly blessed i am.

2007 brought me more joy than i could imagine possible. i got to meet & chat with jane goodall, i turned a few dreams into reality, & was able to drive to oregon to see family. i watched my beautiful hobbit get healthy, & grow, grow some more, find 2 amazing bestest friends, & grow again. i saw my manlyman discover who he is, & what that means. i also looked around me... found that buddies had become close friends, & close friends had become family. so blessed.

my front yard, looking up

*deep sigh* thus ends my deep, meaningful post. thehobbit walked through the room, making it impossible to remain serious. he is wearing (over his uniform,) an invisibility cloak, leopard print cowboy hat, glittery 2008-shaped sunglasses, wooden sword in hand. the wildest part of all of that, is that he doesn't dress 'creatively' for attention. for him it's just what he does, just who he is. if we ever comment, he'll rush off to change into 'normal' clothes... so we try to never bat an eye.

same tree, different view

thank you all for starting this blog journey with me. i joke that i have just the one reader, but many have told me, or written to me, that they've been reading. i cannot tell you what a warm feeling that gives me. of course you know i shall not give up the only reader bit.

my hope is that this year brought you more joys than sorrows, & that you find love, peace, & happiness in the year to come.

blessed be.

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