09 December 2007

yo ho, yo ho...

a pirate's life for me. that's the song going round & round my head this morn. yours now too i imagine - you're welcome!

the maiden voyage of kats in the belfry was a success! even without someone of import smashing a bottle of champagne over my whatever part of the ship it is they smash champagne over. also a success was the launch of the cooperative - yay dragonfly artisans!

that's the nearly completed banner. i simply ran out of time. eventually it will have two more dragonflies above the writing. one shall be smaller, the other even more so - to appear as though they're flying into the spiral. i plan on becoming filthy rich, so i can have the talented pom paint all my future banners.

so the day!?! it was such great fun! attendance was lower than usual; i think the threat of rain kept the boring people at home. no rain did ever so much as threaten us. the sky was clear & sunny, the people just lovely, the venue a beautiful winter faeryland, & the food! mmmm. i had yummy baked treats, & a huge bowl of fantastic vegan potato soup.

sales were steady through the day, which makes me giggle with delight! thank you to all who purchased my wares! i cannot begin to describe how it felt to see that i wasn't sewing merely to clutter my home.

thank you to manlyman for believing in me, & for helping where you could - to my parnters in crime, paper & soap, for going on this adventure with me - to the academy for finally giving me an oscar - & most of all to my sweet, sweet hobbit.... thank you for being so patient, & so helpful whilst mama was going mad these past few weeks!

now what you ask? as a matter of fact i do have plans... this week i hope to get my etsy shop open. i'll post the grand opening as soon as... well as soon as i'm grandly open!

countdown, day 7: today we will read holiday books, & drink hot cocoa!
review: thehobbit asked to do this immediately! it was breakie theatre heehee. he asked me to read this, this, & requested i sing this one. our copy of the latter is not a board book; it looks like it's no longer being sold as a little golden book.

countdown, day 8: today you may spend $5 at the winter faire on anything you like!
review: he never found anything he liked! auntiepaper took all the minis on a shopping adventure, yet he came home treasureless. he did enjoy carrying a fiver about in his pocket all day. heehee.

ok my one & only reader... i'm beat. worn to a frazzle, & in need of vast quantities of coffee. plus a nap. & a day of doing nothing. which we both know shall not take place, as it's sunday. what is sunday? did you also forget? it's baking day mama! whimper. nap day? think i can convince a 9yo of that weekly event in lieu of baking messy goodness? no? i thought not.

i'm off to get ready to go to the market. if we're to bake, we shall definitely need yeast. & eggs. & butter. & booze. it's sunday... go bake something too!

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