26 December 2007

wait, no... now i am tired

we had an er adventure from 11pm last night, until 3am today. don't worry, everyone is ok. i don't know how personal i wish to get here in blogland. for now i'll stick with a vague intimacy. i am an all or nothing person by nature, so finding the balance with this should prove an adventure in itself. as i said... i am fine. but i am beyond tired. i imagine manlyman is beyond-beyond, for he had to get up for work at 6am. yikes! i must say... there's nothing like an er scare to make you appreciate how lucky you are.

aside from our late night adventure; christmas was wonderful! manlyman spoiled me rotten, & thehobbit made me a sweet card. oh how i love my boys! don't think badly of me for my pleasure at being spoiled; i am quite easily pleased. i am thrilled by a few handmade items, or a small bag of books from a thrift shop! but to be truly, & utterly spoiled? i cannot lie... it was marvelous.

as is our tradition, we went to pom's for brunch, & a lovely time was had by all. she surprised me with this! oh my reader it is heaven in a jar! this year we stayed until it was time to go home for dinner. not that any of us had room for dinner after our day of non-stop feasting. there are only a special few able to make brunch last the day.

the holiday season is nearly over, & the new year about to dawn. wow! today i rest, tomorrow it's back to our wild life, getting the bizzie off the ground, & planning thehobbit's birthday. i'll need this day of rest to be sure.

for this birthday, thehobbit has requested a tea party, (themed) with only three friends. last year's was much too large an event for my shy one. still freaked by last years, he originally asked for no party, but this is to be a biggie... 10! fortunately he changed his mind. a small party is easy peasy, but it means a separate dinner with family. also easy, but not so peasy.okey doke my one & only... it's time for me to rest, & a certain hobbit wants to make snowflakes. have a lovely, restful day!

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