16 December 2007

fred, fred, & fred

years ago we lived in a sweet little apartment. our windows all faced a row of beautiful, old trees... & that is where we first met fred the squirrel. he would play in the trees daily, & nick all the avocadoes that we wished were close enough for us to reach. we grew to love fred.
when we moved to our house; almost 3 years ago; he moved with us. we didn't bring him, we merely saw a squirrel in our new backyard that thehobbit swore was fred. miracle number one! he managed to follow the moving truck across town!
fred has brought thehobbit much joy since the move... running atop the fence to climb to our roof, chasing crows up our giant pine, & racing around the trunk of the huge pecan with his friend 'the other squirrel.'
two weeks ago we had a small storm that brought fierce winds up here on our little hill. the next day i found fred at the base of the pecan. it was a very sad day for our family. we wanted to believe it was the other squirrel, but the sadness at finding the creature made us all sure it was fred. we still haven't removed him, neither manlyman nor i have the heart to go back there.
so this morning thehobbit looked out his playroom window, & saw the other squirrel in my seedling pots! rats & fleas! the one who was destroying the farm wasn't the one who died. in the excitement of chasing the squirrel out of the pots, thehobbit decided this was fred. sorry? haven't we been mourning fred's passing for two weeks now? yes, but he is sure this is fred behaving so badly. who am i to argue with such logic? so another miracle... fred back from the dead.

some friends have reunited their old knitting group, & i decided to join them! no, i cannot knit. i'm not one to let mere details stand in my way - i made myself a pair of needles, sat myself down in their circle, & asked to be taught. thus far the needles themselves are my only knitting success. still...

i am quite proud of myself!

did you know that if you shut a cupboard door without checking to see if the faery lights are clear of the opening, the teeny light shall shatter into bazillions of minute glass shards?

well i'm here to tell you it's true. adam & eve have gotten into the holiday spirit! actually those lights are always wrapped around their metal home, but i only ever remember they are when i'm plugging in holiday faery lights elsewhere. do you see that jar? that's one of two pet black widows. don't eww me! they belong to manlyman... the original doctor doolittle. i should love to squash them.

countdown, day 15: today we shall have a spa day! review: i had a date with a circle of knitting mamas, so manlyman agreed to have a spa with thehobbit. they played make believe instead. great fun, but today thehobbit is bummed to have missed having his feet soak in warm, scented water. sigh. no time today as we have to bake, & grammie is coming to visit. perhaps tomorrow.

have a wonderful sunday! if you see fred at your place, tell him 'hi' for me ;-) ~peace.

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Kelley said...

Fred- what a great incredible squirrel!

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