28 August 2009

too darn hot

i know that i complain about the heat when the mercury rises to 75 85 degrees; but the past few days have been too hot even for the freaks who long to live on the surface of the sun. you know who you are.

apparently lemondrop does as poorly in hot weather as his brother & i. he has been a teeny, little miserable creature - which you know is just loads of fun for the rest of us. finally manlyman thought to look for white noise on youtube. he's spent quite a bit of the day with the wee guy, listening to hair dryers, rain, & babbling brooks. thank maude for manlyman & youtube.

finally i have some crafty items to share! this gorgeous waldorf doll was given to lemondrop the other day by his auntie oddsox. she left the arms & legs empty so his little hands could hold on more easily, & so he could suck on them if he wanted. or she was just lazy, & made that bit up ;-)

i stole the idea for this bracelet from a fabulous book. you wear it on the wrist that matches the breast you'll be offering next. just before your baby latches on, you switch the bracelet to the other wrist. (switch first, otherwise you'll leave little bead marks on your sweet bebe's head. i'm not admitting to anything.)

in the book, the abc beads shown were the tiny plastic ones. that didn't suit my style, so i used my antique-looking wooden beads. mine are a bit larger than their plastic brethren, but not terribly so. the rest of the beads spell out his name, so if it really was lemondrop it would read: lemondrop's next boob. it was just too clever an idea; & too sassy; to pass up.

if you make one of these bracelets for yourself or another, no need to give me credit as i stole the idea. please do mention the book though, because the woman who did come up with it deserves credit. i would give you the link to the woman's company, but i don't recall what it was.

that's it for today - i'm sweating where a girl ought not, so i am off to make some iced tea.


25 August 2009

no teeny toes

i've yet to deal with delilah's virus, but i transferred photos anyway. yes i know - i'm a wild thing, a rebel, i live on the edge.

sadly, all the pics i took of the teeny toes were blurry. in my no-sleep zombieness, i must not have switched the camera to macro lens. sorry. i promise toes in the future. instead i have the equally adorable (drum roll please)................

teeny fingers!


& once again i break my no-photos-of-faces rule:

what do you think he was dreaming of?

that's all from the belfry today. i'm sorry, but there really is little to chat about these days - unless you are interested in hearing about how little sleep i'm getting, how often he nurses (& what horrors he's inflicting upon my girlie bits), or the goings-on in the world of diapering. no? i thought not.

have a lovely one, do!

23 August 2009

more stuff

last night was the first in a few nights that we actually got more than 3 hours of sleep - it was heavenly. heavenly i say!!!

because i'm doing little more than nursing & diapering these days, i still haven't much to tell you. in lieu of goings-on, here are my thoughts on more gifts we've received:

* this diaper caddy is not only pretty, it's also quite useful. the compartments keep everything in order, & the liner comes out to be washed. i don't think it will work as well once we switch to cloth, but we shall see. if not, it will make an excellent something-else-caddy.

* lemondrop sleeps in the family bed quite happily in his moses basket. he's safe from his fidgety big brother our bedding, yet still within arm's reach. i wish we'd had one of these when thehobbit was teeny. we removed the cushy liner btw.
* update on the swaddleme: i tried it again, & this time it worked. lemondrop wasn't thrilled by the roominess of the leg area, so we'll set it aside until he fills it out better. if you (or someone you know) has an escape artist as we have, definitely get this wrap.

my quiet time has come to an end - i hear the elf princeling being brought to me for his zillionth late morning snack. have a lovely sunday!

20 August 2009

why no photos kat?

elvie (our main computer) has a virus, & i haven't the time right now to play doctor. this means i'm unable to share any photos of teeny toes with you - oh how i love teeny toes. don't we all?

what i can share is a stock photo of my new diaper bag!

i had planned on sewing my own; even chose the fabrics; but time (& that nasty pestilence) got in the way. after using my largest messenger bag a few times (which was not large enough,)manlyman insisted i just buy a proper diaper bag with one of the gift cards we'd received.

it took some time to find the perfect one, (wow there are a lot of sporty & trendy bags out there) but it was worth it. the fabric is a soft, fuzzy, chenille jacquard - so lovely. i have to say it's much better looking in person - the red is deeper, which gives the fabric an older appearance. if you're in the market for a bag, the company is ima rose-n-bloom.

manlyman wasn't pleased when i showed him the online photo, but admits to liking it vastly better in person. plus it's gigantic, which was his main reason for wanting me to buy a proper one.

ok, so no photos of my lemondrop's beautiful teeny toes, but hopefully soon.

i hope your day is a lovely one.

16 August 2009

thoughts about stuff

as i can neither craft nor sew, & i haven't anything beyond exhaustion of which to write; i thought i'd share my thoughts on baby things. think of me as the most sleep-deprived, one-handed typing reviewer that ever there was.

*my friend (& neighbor lady) rubelin gave us the most beautiful paci clip, made by jessica of kerflop.

photo :: property of balacingeverything.com

ours is the bottom clip (taupe, with white doves) - her photo does not do it justice, it is truly lovely in person. the paci clip is very well made, & so sweet. if you need a clip, or need to buy a shower gift, i highly recommend kerflop.

*this paci is wonderful. lemondrop needs to suckle more than any bebe in all of history, so we by we, i mean my girl bits are thankful to have found it. the paci is made from natural rubber, & the sheild mimics the feel of the breast against his nose & chin.

*a friend gave us this cd when she brought us a meal (more below), & i cannot gush enough about it. even if you haven't a teeny bebe, you must have this collection of lullabies from around the world. the songs are ethereal & soothing - not your mama's lullabies to be sure.

*i'm still on the fence about this swaddle blanket. i love it in theory, but thus far it hasn't worked as it should. it could be that we're not doing it correctly, or that lemondrop is the world's greatest escape artist. we aren't returning it just yet though, & plan to give it another go when he's a wee bit bigger. i'll update you.

*meals! for the first week we were home a handful of very generous mamas brought us dinner each night. the food was amazing, & not having to prepare one meal a day took a great deal of stress of manlyman. (i had a c-section, so he's had to take care of everything.) you must have this done for you, or do for someone else.

well that's about it for today. i must say i'm impressed that i managed this much with one hand, & a teeny creature at my breast - & as someone who isn't good at multi-tasking at that! woohoo me!
have a lovely one...

dearest sleep,

how i do miss thee.

07 August 2009

in which kat breaks the no-photo rule

but really, how could i resist?

this is lemondrop (settle down, it's only his nickname) - so called due to dealing with 5 days of nasty jaundice issues. i will spare you kind-hearted bloggers the stuff we, & he, went through, & skip right to the part where he is perfectly well :-)
he is as sweet as can be, and we're all madly in love. mostly he sleeps; when he is awake, he's very alert, & either scowls or grins at us.
thehobbit misses the routine of his former life, but dotes on his brother - even getting up in the night to help. it's so far as we suspected it would be: a little sadness amid the blinding joy of being a big brother.
that's all the time i have for chatting today. my posting most likely will be less often than i'd like for the next week or so; but i shall pop on when i can. i hope you're all well, & enjoying summer (winter for those down below).
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