17 December 2007

the day after

we survived our day. i'm a bit worse for wear, but it was a lovely day, & thehobbit willingly hugged his grammie 3, count them... three! times. of his own accord. he was not asked! yes my only reader, wow indeed.
two of the hugs were for prezzies he wanted very desperately; this (she found an all-wood set), and this. some may be surprised to hear the former isn't always all in wood. it's sad to see plastic parts put into toys from our childhood. as usual there were many more prezzies, & as usual he really didn't care for the majority. he's so amazing that way - really wants very little, but what he does want, he wants ever so desperately. maybe the hugs helped her see that he doesn't need the explosion of prezzies to feel loved & special?

manlyman took us to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner... yum! grammie was a great sport, & ate all the veggie "meat" dishes right along with us.

countdown, day 16: today we will make potato stamps!
review: someone, i'm not naming names, forgot to buy potatoes! ooops. luckily we had a sweet potato left, & it worked nicely. we carved the cut edge into a tree shape, & stamped away. it was fun!

i have to get ready for a freaky-busy day. i hope yours is a lovely one.

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