04 December 2007

um.. no.

no i haven't the time for pestilence again, but thank you for the offer. hello? i said no. no! *whimper*
rats & fleas! dear only reader... i am sick again! this is becoming a tad ridiculous! we are not amused.

in my imaginary world, coco (beautiful man who speaks only french, cooks, cleans, & wants nothing more in life but to be at my beck & call) is, at this very moment, making me a plate of poached eggies, & brewing soycreamy coffee for two.

ooh look! he swirled a heart into the foam! he's so thoughtful. ok coco dear, drink up, then go play with thehobbit whilst i nap.

speaking of hearts: did i tell you that the 1st was one of my 'versaries? saturday marked seventeen years i've been with manlyman! one day i'll tell you our story; it's very romantic. today is another 'versary. it's the day we had our wedding. we don't do much for this one to be honest. i'll spare you that story, not all that romantic. so last saturday's was our biggie, then in april we'll celebrate the 'versary of our marriage, which is our next biggie. am in confusing you? sorry if so. all of this isn't leading up to anything, i just felt like sharing.

nothing much to report from bizzieland; i sewed not a stitch yesterday. i did get the dragonfly artisans banner started, & that was fun! i always forget how much i like painting. manlyman promised to sketch the design today, so i can finish the banner tonight.

countdown, day 3: today we will buy prezzies for donating, & take them to the firehouse.

review: thehobbit had a great time searching for the perfect prezzies. i took him to michael's, because he loves crafts (& i needed to replenish supplies.) he chose three craft kits: two birdhouses, & one bulldozer. we adore these kits! they're wood, very durable once built, & fun to play with. of course i just enjoy reading the box aloud - en bois, kit de modele. ooh la la! the day got away from us, so we never did drop them at the firehouse. i am hopeful that manlyman can take them later today.

i'm off to find coco to let him know i'll be napping now. before i do, i want to show you a fabulous garland the talented dottieangel made. i want one for our little tree!


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