19 December 2007

here is what we see...

... from our windows...

in the land of make believe. in the land of here & now, this beautiful photo is from clipart. i cannot access elvie as it actually is raining here, & she needs to be wrapped until we are sure the recent roof patch did the trick. day two, & so far no drips! whew!

i have such fun photos to share... thehobbit playing poker with half-clad dolls (on their train ride to river city - music man,) the gorgeous antique-looking birdcage the oregon grandparents sent him (for his owl,) & the fun play skirts i made for various shorties. all shall have to wait for the rain, rain to go away.

countdown, day 18: tomorrow is grandmama's birthday, so let's bake some teeny cakes!
review: a certain person; who shall remain nameless & is not me; used all the eggs the day before. a certain other person; who could possibly be me, but i'm not saying it is; hasn't been keeping track of what activity is coming up, so didn't make sure we had eggs. bad daddyo, & bad other person who could possibly (or not) be me.

it's almost solstice! i think that is the source of my funk. not the solstice itself, but all that we're not doing to celebrate. usually by now i have everything on my holiday to-do list to-done, but this year the winter faire took that prep time. i'm utterly behind. last night i decided to slash everything off my list that i could. that will help a little. i may also ship packages late... i'm sorry to the shorties in oregon & minnesota! i really need to be able to get everything done, so we can relax & celebrate. ok i've babbled long enough. thanks for letting me get it out of my system.

i want to share some solstice joy with you, so today i have a list of books we love this time of year:

like everything else in life, we take from these books what we need, & skip the rest. give them a look, then take what you need as well.

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