02 December 2007

december photoless tidings!

december began with frustrations. i'll spare you the boring details, but know this... huge college football games should not be scheduled on a day we're taking hogwarts to the museum, nor should the dinosaur printer (that recently replaced my broken printer) break when i have labels in desperate need of last-minute printing! & need i explain that heaters should not decide to just stop heating? i mean really. poor mortimer was found floating on an iceberg this morning.

*deep breath* i am sorry for the morning rant sweet & only reader of mine. i just needed a bit of a vent. on to happier december babblings.

i decobwebbed (it's a real word) the entire house yesterday. i love my blue, fluffy thingamajig for dusting. it's on a very long, telescoping handle, so i can reach up to the ceiling. why do the cellar spiders love ceilings so? & why are they not called ceiling spiders instead? i also managed to get the bigroom cleaned & organized. whew. only the rest of the house to go yet!

today is to be a day of wicked-serious sewing. i plan on taking breaks to play with thehobbit, but not as many as either of us would like. we did bring the holiday bins out last night, so he'll most likely play guitar with elvis most of the day anyway. i'm not quite ready to sew... one more cup of sweet, soycreamy, hot coffee should get me there.

countdown, day 1: today is the day we pick out our holiday tree, & start decorating!
review: it went well. thehobbit chose a lovely, little potted tree from trader joe's. it came with a string of the most adorable lights! they are shaped as little pinecones. really isn't that the sweetest? so now the theme of our tree is to be "nature."

i'm off for the final cuppa! have a lovely day, & go hunting for pinecones... real, lit, or otherwise.

a prezzie for you! get your own title...
signed, honourable lady kat the ingenious of much bottom

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