10 December 2007

simply lovely

yesterday was a lovely, relaxing day. i helped thehobbit bake blueberry scones! other than being completely purple, & a tad dry, they were pretty good. i have to tell you that i'm not a baker. that is to say that i have absolutely no gift for baking. in the least. seriously. i am thrilled that thehobbit is interested in learning to bake, & i only can hope that my inability isn't contagious.

(this is my new imaginary stove)

countdown, day 9: today we shall dress in our fancies, & have a tea party!
review: the scones came in handy! i set thehobbit's little table with plates of scones & jam, & a dinky pot of blackberry tea. he wore his dress shirt, invisibility cloak, & a fake dalmation fur wrap. i sat down with him wearing my victorian hat, & was promtly told i was not fancy enough. i put a floor-length slip over my jeans, & tossed a sparkley shawl around my shoulders, then was allowed to tea.

no rest for the wicked. we have errands to run, the farm needs tending, & i must hand over a fortune at the library so they'll allow me to put books on hold again.

have a lovely day!

**update: you can see a few pics from the winter faire on paper's site; upper, right corner!**

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