13 December 2007

my naughty kitten

has lost his mittens! we only made them two days ago. that has to be a record. he had the mittens on during breakie yesterday; that was the last either of us remember seeing them. i hope he finds them soon as it's snowing! giant, magical snowflakes

we captured one, & brought it indoors. isn't it lovely? i wish my camera could capture the amazing sparkle. instead, you shall have to just make one for yourself:
giant magical snowflakes
3c boiling water
9tbs borax
heat-proof jar
white chenille stem, cut into thirds
fishing line
1) twist cut stems together, & spread into shape
2) tie one end of line to the shape, the other to the pencil (it needs to hang freely in the jar without touching the bottom)
3) fill the jar with boiling water, & add borax 1tbs at a time (stir each time)
4) lower shape into the mix, & set the pencil across the opening.
5) let it sit over night, undisturbed.

countdown, day 11: today you will play games with daddy! review: it didn't happen. daddy worked a double shift. :-(

countdown, day 12: today we will make giant, magical snowflakes! review: easy, fun, & we were thrilled to find it transformed when we woke. i want to make more!

all plans this week seemed to have gone awry. no etsy opening this week... sorry! i've gotten too far behind in solstice & christmas prep, & really should put my family & friends first right now. i will get the etsy shop up as soon as i can. in the meantime, please email me if you want to order something. i have drink slings, market bags, a few patchie totes, & needlebooks. the gnomie factory is running though. i couldn't put that on hold. the world needs more dinky gnomie orphans. currently i've just the people colors. other genera won't be available until after the holidays.

i hope you make snowflakes today. let me know how yours turns out. ~peace

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