14 December 2007

thank maude...

for musicals. well i do in general, but today i'm ever so much more thankful. you see, thehobbit shares my love (obesssion) of showtunes. yesterday he was halfway into this when his daddyo arrived home from work. very little holds a candle to daddyo, so the video was turned off. that means that he's at this very moment, snuggled under a blankie in sir fennel's room, watching the remainder of the movie. yay! why the yay? i woke with a migrane. i should like to add that i first woke with said migrane at 3am, then dozed in and out until it was light. i adore my sweet hobbity boy, but bouncy 9yos, & migranes do not go together.

i think elvie has a migrane as well, as she's refusing to upload photos. & me with pics of the apron i made! sigh.
to avoid a photoless post, here are some things that i want for thehobbit's nook (play kitchen area.)

a fabric egg, cracked from a wooden shell!
a tin of wooden mushrooms!
& another tin, but this one filled with wooden tea bags!!!! now this one i think i can make, if i sew fabric tea bags. goodness knows he's got a zillion small tins, nicked from my kitchen.

i think it's wonderful that he's not yet outgrown his nook. in size he has, which we're fixing after the holidays; the knob legs will be replaced with turned legs. i shall post pics after it's finished. by outgrown i mean he still plays with it. he does need new food, but that's for my benefit - i'm tired of wooden pizzas, & greek salads.

countdown, day 13: tonight we will build an indoor fort, & play!
review: i'm not sure who had more fun! we built a giant fort from blankets, & tables, then i strung faery lights around the perimeter. inside we had a large blanket, & all the couch pillows. we shut off all lights, but the string of faeries, read stories, played this, & got out flashlights for this. manlyman took our fort down, so he could get through the bigroom in the morning... fort-grinch. thehobbit & i plan on rebuilding today whilst he's at work. no fort-grinch is going to keep us down!

well my sweet, only reader... time for me to rest a bit. my head is pounding, & we've got a gaggle of shorties arriving in 2 hours for roots&shoots.

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