22 December 2007

here comes the sun....

here's a photo of me this morning, after i hiked to the top of a nearby mountain...

... in my imaginary world. clipart to the rescue once again. well, not rescue exactly; elvie has been unwrapped, but i am feeling a tad lazy today... & uploading pics on she of slower-than-dirt sounds like too much work.
instead of actually hiking a mountain to greet the sun, i woke thehobbit with tickles & raspberries (belly, not food.) nearly the same thing.

i have to share what happened to me last night. i went out to run last-minute errands for santa, & ended up at whole foods. santa really wanted me to have this, so of course i had to buy it. one cannot deny santa his prezzie-giving. well... they carded me (which is silly to begin with,) then accused me of having a fake id! not joking sweet reader, they had to bring in a manager. they did not believe i was my actual age! heeheehee! now that was the best prezzie i could have ever been given. santa works in strange & mysterious ways indeed.

countdown, day 20: today we shall make luminaries to light the way!
review: we half-made them. i have yet to find the wire cutters, so we couldn't make their handles. the jar part was great fun though, & they are really beautiful. we used white tissue paper, then once that was dry, painted on glitter. i couldn't find the silver glitter glue (i see a need for better organization here) so my lantern had only a thin layer of glitter. i'm not a gold person.

countdown, day 21: tonight we shall turn out the lights & have a family concert!
review: did you know there were zillions of people out last night running errands for santa?! traffic was wretched, & i got back too late for a concert. we can rock tonight instead.

my last solstice prezzie for you:
the shortest day by susan cooper
so the shortest day came, and the year died,
and everywhere down the centuries of the snow-white world
came people singing, dancing,
to drive the dark away.
they lighted candles in the winter trees;
they hung their homes with evergreen;
they burned beseeching fires all night long
to keep the year alive,
and when the new year's sunshine blazed awake
they shouted, reveling.
through all the frosty ages you can hear them
echoing behind us - listen!!
all the long echoes sing the same delight,
this shortest day,
as promise wakens in the sleeping land:
they carol, feast, give thanks,
and dearly love their friends,
and hope for peace.
and so do we, here, now,
this year and every year.
welcome yule!!


1 comment:

loftygal said...

Too funny about the ID. People think I'm younger than I am all the time.

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