30 November 2007

we're singing in the rain!

from the warmth of our house of course. this is just what we needed: a nice rainy day. oh! i needn't water the farm! since my spray nozzle broke, watering the seedlings has been a pain in my arse. so yay!

no photos today my one & only reader. i did try, really i did. elvie is in a mood, & will not be swayed. santa? i know i've asked for a lot, but a laptop of my very own, & a new camera would look so lovely under my tree.

bodily update: all pestilence has left the building, & my back is much better. i did a little too much yesterday though, so my back hurts more than it should. even so... it is a huge improvement from spasms, & not being able to get up & down easily. silver linings!

bizzie update: 2 more needle books, & 9 drink slings completed in the last few days. i have to cut the pieces for 16 kiddie market bags today; but before i can do that i must finish the new countdown box. can you believe that december begins tomorrow?

which brings me to... i ditched the prezzies in the box that i've always done, in favor of paper's idea. she is giving activities each day; things they can do together. i think that is just so lovely, so am stealing it. rather than list all the things planned, i will post them as we've done them.

there isn't really much else to babble on about. wednesday we went to see the reindeer at the zoo, then walked through the nearby holiday light festival. locals: if you go to the light festival, i recommend walking rather than driving through it.

time for me to put the kettle on, & snuggle with thehobbit to finish reading the borrowers. have a faboo friday!

a prezzie for you to shake!

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