01 November 2008

pixies & postings

did you all have a glorious hallowe'en? part of our day was spent at disneyland's new pixie hollow. the end result wasn't as fabulous as we'd hoped, but there was much to see whilst standing in line.

they've created a beautiful area with mature plants & trees, ethereal flowers, moss-covered rocks, fun water features, & little surprises tucked here & there.

thehobbit has never been comfortable meeting people; so you can imagine he had no interest in posing for photos with the inhabitants of pixie hollow. it was fun to see the huge eyes, & shy smile of minipaper as she met them, & had her picture taken.

today we have holiday hang-overs. you know, when you had so much fun leading up to a holiday, that when it's all over you feel a bit lost & tired, & the kids are out of sorts? that's us today.


tinker stumbled onto national blog posting month - which sounded like fun, so i signed up. i love a challenge, especially one so easily met. if it sounds like fun to you as well, join us! once you have, come back, & post a link to your first blog post in my comments section. that way the rest of us can pop over & see what you're up to.
that's all the time i have for chatting today. paper & soap are coming over tonight to plan december's hogwarts, so i need to scrub the toilet & prepare snacks. not at the same time, mind you!


rubelin said...

oooh, pixies =)

your porch light frustrated many a trick or treater last night. must remember to leave it off next year ;-)

kat said...

you could say we 'tricked' them, rather than 'treated.' heehee.

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