11 November 2008

day :: 11

yesterday the manlyman treated our hobbity boy to a day of male bonding, so i could focus on cutting & sewing. i was able to get 6 drink slings halfway sewn, & 3 birthday crowns completed. the slings take a lot of time, because each is made from 5 or 6 different fabrics. with fabric either donated, or repurposed, it's not always easy to find patterns or colors that look good together.

he hasn't said anything; but i think manlyman has entered himself in a husband of the year contest. you see, not only did he do the solo-parent/playmate gig - he also cooked all the meals! yes you read correctly: i did not have to cook all day. ha! oh wait there is more - manlyman then washed all the dishes! i think we all agree he's well on his way to winning that contest.

taking a cue from his daddyo, today thehobbit helped in the studio. he looked so cute stuffing colored pencils into zippered cases that i had to take a picture. his help led to everything taking vastly longer than it should; but it ended with a proud boy, so was definitely worth it.

how did i get so lucky to have not one; but two amazing men in my life?

hmmm blogger is wonky today. it's not letting me control spaces between paragraphs. sorry if this post looks odd - just blame blogger. then go have a lovely day please.


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