09 November 2008

day :: 9

cleaning out craft bins & baskets + freakystrong windy day = miserable with allergies & not in the mood for chatting.

i should have written this morning before the crud filled my head, & before i spent the day sneezing. what did we learn today? we learned 1) do not let our bins & baskets get that dusty, & b) we should have done our kegels.


as i've vowed to stick with nablopomo, i have to post something. check out this pretty necklace i found at vintage indie.

photo :: property of for the cross jewelry

it reminds me of fairy tales, & it just so sweet. i poked around her etsy shop a bit, & the rest of her items are simply lovely.

that's it for me, i can't see for the sneezing. sweet dreams everyone.


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