08 November 2008

day :: 8

my fabric store now carries ecospun felt. it's made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. i was drawn to the mossy green, so bought a few squares to try. it's more stiff than other types of felt, but not horridly so. i made a batch of various gnomies with some, & found that i like it less than wool, but vastly better than the poly variety.

i looked into the box of gnomes & discovered this group quietly discussing something, & waiting for the remainder of their fellowship to arrive.

whilst they were not paying attention, this little guy ran off with their ring. isn't he precious? i crack me up.

happy weekend!


ps ~ happy birthday pom!


maltagirl said...

so cute! I love them. can't wait to see more of the mushrooms!

kat said...

thank you! i had planned on a shroomie photo shoot in the backyard today, but it's much too windy. we had to stake down the house for fear we'd get taken to oz!

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