12 November 2008

day :: 12

i never did show you the treasures i've been receiving through swapping on swap-bot, so i thought today would be a perfect day for it.

thehobbit keeps trying to walk off with this mushroom, & the little house has got to be the cutest thing i have ever seen. i'm definitely going to have to learn how to make the latter.

here is our nature table. i found the little cabinet on my last thrifting, & knew immediately it would be replacing the tray we were using to house the seasonal display. the brown mushroom (my favorite) on the shelf, & the one in the cornucopia are from another swap - it came with a third, which thehobbit did manage to liberate. the bearded gnome seems quite the grump, & quickly won my heart. the sweet little bracelet was from still another swap. it has nothing to do with autumn, but it's my table, so there.


other things pictured: the pumpkin was made a few years ago (before i learned how to blend colors,) the candles thehobbit & i dipped when he was a dinky guy, the leaning gnome is the first boot gnome i made, & the little acorn gnome was made by oddsox.

that's the dining room in the background. you can see a bit of thehobbit's little house (pre-painting) - & if you click on the photo to make it large, you will notice my swanky curtain clips. yes that would be 2 bag clips, & a large utility clip - posh with a capital p.o.s.h. posh.

thank you for joining us for: tour of the nature table & its environs. come back next week when we discover the many ways utility clips are used in lieu of sewing in the wild.


Franzi_89X said...

Hey, It is me Franzi_89X from swap-bot :) Thanks for sending me ur link to ur blog so fast. I really enjoy reading the entries and love all the cute pictures :)

rubelin said...

what happened to the groovy hair clips you used to use on your curtains?? You'll be thrilled to know my office curtains are still hung with masking tape and thumbtacks, since the week we moved in ;-)

kat said...

hi franzi~ it's nice to 'meet' you! thanks for the lovely words. i hope you visit again.

kat said...

rubelin! you know, i have absolutely no idea where they went. hmm.

Anonymous said...

Hey there sweetdarkfairy for your love my blog swap. Great blog... keeping it visual with the pics... love it. Quite the craftsy one huh? I poked around at some of the links... will have to come back when I have more time to explore. Happy holidays!

kat said...

hi sweetdarkfairy, thanks for the nice words - it's great to 'meet' another swap-boter.


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