07 November 2008

day :: 7

i've been up to my eyeballs in hand-work this week. if i'm not stitching together dinky gnomies or mini mushrooms, i am embroidering birthday crowns.

as i stitch curving letters, or fanciful designs on the crowns, i think about the children who will one day wear them to blow out their birthday candles, or play make-believe.

when i was a child i loved dressing up, & losing myself in my imagination more than anything. i would have adored a wool crown that i could wear all the time. i had crowns & tiaras aplenty; that i did wear as regular headgear; but plastic & metal are not nearly as cozy.

this one was a custom order for a little girl. she's not into fancy things, so i kept the embroidery simple. i'm not particularly fond of bright colors, but i think the magenta, & funky yellow look interesting together. the reverse is magenta wool, but i don't recall if i left it plain, or added french knots to the tips.

the crowns i'm working on now have more detail, & some have beads incorporated into the design. once they are sewn to their backings, i'll take photos to share.

time for me to get off my arse, & get ready for the day. we've got to read a chapter before we leave for hogwarts.


belleandboo said...

the festive message on my blog made me laugh this morning Kat. Those crowns you are making are gorgeous, much better than those silly paper ones, that always rip and ake me sneeze!

kat said...

oh mandy, laughing at my desperate need for booze? shame on you ;-)

thank you so much for the crown-love!

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