25 November 2008

day :: 25

so i now know the secrets to a successful shop opening! i'll wait whilst you get paper & a pen... ok ready?

1 - make sure you don't have any mailers, boxes, or things of that sort on hand.
2 - don't read any of the how-to articles on etsy (other than pimp my shop.)
3 - open your shop when you are at your busiest - a major holiday perhaps.
4 - before opening your shop (& this quite possibly may be the most important bit) rip your studio apart, & do not put it back together. not only will you be unable to find things you need, but you are sure to hurt yourself many, many times a day.

if you do all of the above, you are sure to have a fabulous opening to your etsy shop! no need to thank me, i feel it my duty to share it with the rest of you.

i have to thank my dragonfly artisans for all their help the last few days. they answered my many desperately frantic emails & phone calls; giving sound advice, & pretty much telling me what to do.

are you ready for my big news? i didn't want to tell you until money had changed hands - didn't want to jinx it. a woman ordered an assortment of my birthday crowns to sell in her boutique! i wasn't sure i wanted to at first, but after exchanging a few emails with her, i decided to accept her offer. she also purchased one of the shakespeare people to give added interest to the beautiful little houses she's selling.
see you tomorrow!


asti said...

This is hilarious, sounds like something I would do. I'm takin' notes. Congratulations on the shop, and your crown order...!
asti x

kat said...

thanks asti!


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