15 November 2008

day :: 15

this morning i'm recovering from last night's migraine. i shall spare you the details; but let me say it was a ring of hell even dante could not have conceived.

so instead of sewing, crafting, or playing with my sweet little hobbit - i am lazily poking about the internet, & drinking a huge cup of decaf, soycreamy goodness. in doing so, i stumbled upon a beautiful collection of jewelry; made by the foundling; almost all of which are just my style.

photos :: property of thefoundling.com

vintage + delicate + words = i'll take one of each please.

i hope your day is a lovely one. go buy yourself some pretty jewelry.


~Phoenix~ said...

i hope you are feeling better - stay indoors the smoke will send you right back..

kat said...

thanks oddie, i am doing both. you stay indoors too! these fires are scary.

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