28 November 2008

day :: 28

today only!!!!!!!

i am in a fantastic mood! the scooter that thehobbit wants desperately was on sale today, & free shipping! that means not only did i get a good price, but i don't have to scour shops for the darn thing; in the few hours i do not have thehobbit with me! so to celebrate my score, i've put together a special for you!

i am waiving the shipping on all items purchased from the shop, today (by 8pm*)!!!!!!! you can buy one thing, or all of it, & still you'll have no shipping cost. i wish i could let the sale go until midnight (for you late night bloggers) but i just won't be able to stay up that late to adjust the listings back again.

don't forget to type "i'm your one & only reader!" into the comment section of your order, so i know to include your freebie.

i'm off. 2 crowns i made for the wholesale order have to be ripped apart, & fixed - wretched, fussy vintage sequins. happy shopping!

* today is: friday 28th november. 8pm here is: pacific standard time.

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