22 November 2008

day :: 22

unfortunately for daddyo & the other relatives, i managed very few photos of thehobbit's face. it was impossible when every time i turned around, this is what i saw:

there was so much to see; so many things from which to choose. in this photo, thehobbit is trying desperately to decide what he wanted most. having only $10 to spend, he needed to choose carefully. in the end he managed to buy 3 prezzies for the borrowers, with enough left to pay the tax.

thehobbit also helped me choose a birthday prezzie for minisoap. i asked him to pick things for her that he thought were really cool. only 1 of the items he chose will really go to her. the rest shall be put away for thehobbit for xmas. hey! as long as he's still falling for my tricks, i'll keep taking advantage.

looking through tiny windows.

i'll take one of these in my size please.

the day was lovely, & i am definitely glad we decided to drive all that way. maybe one day i'll have a dollhouse of my own. a girl can dream.

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