03 November 2008

day :: 3

this morning i realized there is just over 1 month until winter faire. logically i know this is more than enough time to get everything finished, but i have to admit it's making me a bit stressed.

the thing i need to do is get freakyorganized. i need to figure out what supplies need replenishing; what i can get locally, & what has to be ordered online. i do not want to sit down at my machine only to discover i'm out of the thread i need again.

i also need to create a time table of some sort - something that keeps me focused, so i don't end up doing a marathon sew the last night again.

one of these days i'll get my act together.


today is manlyman's day off. right now he & thehobbit are in the backyard, painting the borrowers' house. i can hear them arguing about colors. thehobbit wants to paint the rooms barn red, & manlyman is trying to talk him out of it. i just went to check, & not only did thehobbit win, but i found them painting the floors barn red as well. i am so glad i don't have to live in that house. that's all i'm saying.


i am off to make a list of what i need to replenish. or perhaps i shall read a book. see you tomorrow!

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