29 November 2008

day :: 29

i love words. i love to read them, to write them, to wear them, to surround myself with them, to create with them. i love researching how words came to be, & how they morphed over time. i have no idea why all of this is, it just always has been.

i cannot get enough of books about words, especially ones written with a humorous mien. a favorite book is the mother tongue.

we were camping in fort bragg, & spotted a thrift shop on our way through town one day. unable to stop myself on a whim i decided we should pop in. i was drawn to this little room in the back that was filled with books, maps, & old linens. i know! none of the maps thrilled me, & the linens were all out of my price range, but the books! floor-to-ceiling shelves, & all organized by theme. i looked slowly through the shelves, trying to find the one perfect book. just when thehobbit began to reach his limit (dust allergy) i found it. i knew nothing about the book, nor the author, but the title told me all i needed to know.
in the years since that day, i've read the book quite a few times. it's filled with so much information that i always come away with something new. i'm sure that has more to do with the richness of the book, & less to do with the fact that i have swiss-cheese-brain.
for nearly a year i've been making sketches, & taking notes; trying to find ways to marry my love of words with the things i create. i've toyed with embroidering words, but my skill is not yet where i want it to be. the first to make it to fruition are my shakespeare people. i had no idea how happy i would be mixing words & creations. right now (instead of fully focusing on getting ready for the holidays) i'm toying with putting words onto fabric. i have some very old books whose pages are fabulous: shakespeare, a french guidebook, a typewriting how-to. seriously, i'm getting chills just thinking about the possibilities. plus our thermostat broke.
when i troll etsy, the items that most draw me have words on them. i found this, this, & this. that last one would look stunning on the bedroom wall, next to the old (repro) map of paris. better yet! manlyman should take me to paris.
time for me to do the mama thing. here is a prezzie for you, enjoy!

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