14 November 2008

day :: 14

our latest trip to the library ended with me grinning like an idiot, & nearly skipping out of the building. i found 3 crafting books i had yet to read! i've already poked through the one pictured above, & think i may have to purchase it. so far it is the most appealing of all the embroidery books i have read. there are links to all of them in the what i'm reading widget over <---- there.

i don't know about you, but i love reading how to books. i'm not even all that picky about what the book explains, (i even read one on auto repair) but i am picky when it comes to photos - i must have photos. my favorite of the how to genre is cooking. i am happy to snuggle on the couch with a stack of cookbooks - but - no photos? seriously? i need to see what the food looks like.

other types of how to can be illustrated instead, but that depends on how good the illustrations are, & what is being taught.... wow, apparently i am fussy.

so tell me: do you like how to books as well, & which kinds?



maltagirl said...

i too love the how to book! One of my favorite genres in small farming. could be animals or plants, it is all good to me. But i agree it must have serious photos. I do love the food/craft porn!

kat said...

yes! how i built my urban farm - oh what was that book by the woman whose husband passed away during the building? what an amazing book that was.

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