16 November 2008

day :: 16

horrific fires are raging here, with hundreds of homes already lost. as far as i've been able to learn, one person has lost his life, but the news last night was saying more were feared gone. i hope they are wrong.

photo :: property of los angeles times
the above photo is of the remains of homes in the sylmar fire. this was a mobile home park (also called a trailer park) in which more than 500 homes were destroyed.

we were watching the news late yesterday, & were horrified to see that in addition to homes being ablaze, one area still had gas running, but no water! that meant that flames were being fed by the gas going to each home, & that firemen could do nothing, because there was no water for their hoses. to add to their frustration, many homes had pools, but the firemen had no way to pump that water, & put it to use.

it's just all so sad. so much loss, so many hearts breaking. my thoughts are with all of those affected by the fires. so too are my thoughts with the firemen who are fighting with every ounce of energy they can muster - may they all stay safe.

ah, i hear a little hobbit stirring. i'm off for a snuggle, & to think about how lucky i am.
** to friends & family far away: we are safe here. none of the fires are near enough to pose even the most minute of threats. the only problem we face is the smoke, so we are staying indoors. **


ReadingAndWritingBooks said...

Here it seems like a coating on the air. I am not too close to any of the fires but I still smell the ash. I'm still in shock that so many homes have been destroyed over the past two days.

Glad you are well

kat said...

i'm glad you're not too near a fire - stay safe.

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