04 November 2008

day :: 4 vote!

i hope all my american readers get out there & rock the vote today! we voted a little while ago. thehobbit didn't appreciate the long line, but he cheered up when i asked him if he'd be in charge of turning the book when it was my turn to vote. i love how something so simple can make a child feel important, or necessary to the world around him.



rubelin said...

oooh! we haven't busted out singing that one in a long time! "cause I'm goin' downtown to cast my vote for president..." I will have that stuck in my head for at least a few days now, lol!

thanx to you and the hobbit for joining me at the polls today =)

kat said...

it was our pleasure! & when we went back later with manlyman we did run into mrs b!

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