06 November 2008

day :: 6

there is something serious on my mind today, & that is what this post is about: how i love & need acorns, & how oddsox has many, yet will not let me have them.

because she is a greedy acorn-hoarder, that's why. it's common knowledge that her plan is to collect all the acorns in the world, & keep them in pretty baskets only for herself. also she does not love me. sigh.

proof she loves me not: last night she showed us her newest box of gorgeous, fat acorns, & only let me steal 1. one! i think she was afraid if had 2, i would breed them, then she'd not be able to own all the acorns in the world.

next week's mama-craft-night is at her home again. next week we're liberating the acorns. it will be an easy thing: whilst she is busy tucking her wee boys in bed, the rest of the da shall run about with baskets, freeing the masses of acorns she has imprisoned.

she'll never know it was us. after all, we've only ever threatened to steal these when at her place.


happy thursday :-)


** you do know i'm joking. right? that i'm not actually accusing oddsox of atrocities against acorn-kind, & that we haven't plans to liberate them? ok, just checking. **

shhhh - we are going to steal all the acorns from that acorn-hoarding oddsox when she isn't looking - shhhh


Squirrel said...

mmm. where's my acorn jail key? You want more? you'll have to fight me for 'em!

kat said...

haha! you don't even bother trying to disguise yourself anymore?

love you!

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