20 November 2008

day :: 20

last night was the tu-wednesday night craft! i know i've said this a kajillion times; but they are absolutely nutters an amazing group of mamas. i could never have gotten this far with the bizzie if not for them. they've taught me to knit, to crochet, & to felt. they have shared their resources, their books, & their supplies. i could go on & on; but it would take me a lifetime.

i do want to say this though: one of the ways they support my crafting is by their accolades. not that i don't appreciate crafting-love from all my friends; this is simply different. i sit with them each week (more often with some) to craft for birthdays, holidays, etsy shops, & craft fairs. they see the struggles & the successes as they occur, & immediately offer support or cheers as needed. they also allow me to do the same for them - which makes me feel truly blessed.

in case you're new here, i thought i'd take the time to introduce my partners in crime.

oddsox of something out of nothing
thebloglessone of roaring woman creations

if you've yet to, please visit my dragonfly artisans cohorts, & say hello. except thebloglessone, because, well, obviously she has no blog to visit. we love her anyway.


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