31 October 2008

she's babbling about headers now

i am one of those people who has to rearrange the furniture every few months. it's not something i plan; or even something i want; i simply have to. i'll go on for months, loving the way my home looks, then wake one day hating the very sight of things, & unable to stop myself from tearing into rooms.

some of you are those people too. i can see you nodding your heads in understanding - possibly in rooms recently overhauled.

well dear reader, the same goes for my blog. usually i quietly rearrange the links or widgets, & that quells the tearinginto-osity (real word.) this time i'm bored with my header. until i find the time to make a shiny new one, (song totally stuck in my head. you're welcome) i shall be messing with header photos.

my reason for telling you? other than i felt like babbling about it, & i already called a very uninterested manlyman at work to babble? i thought i should warn you in case i screw up, & break something. if the blog disappears, or is so wonky you cannot read it - that sort of thing. then you'll know :-)

not that i plan on doing anything other than easily uploading my shiny new header, but one never knows. the techno gods really do enjoy messing with me. so there you have it.

a totally unrelated photo. i was poking through my photo files for a temporary header, & came across this one. it's the front door of a pub in santa barbara. i toyed with the idea of turning this into my header - ha!
** edited to add :: i received a lovely email, asking about the header photo. it is the inside view of the gate to get into my backyard. the house you see peeking over the top is rubelin's. my little cottage is just out of view on the right. thank you sweet emailer for your nice words about the photo. **


rubelin said...

oooh, I love that pic. Makes it seem like we really do live in little cottages out in the countryside :)

kat said...

thank you :-)

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