30 November 2008

day :: 30 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

finally! wait, let me rephrase that: fi-na-lly! as much as i've enjoyed the pressure of being forced to post every single bleeping day of november; i must tell you that i have never been so glad to see a month come to an end.

don't get me wrong, it wasn't dreadful. that is to say i didn't detest the whole of it. i only thought evil thoughts about the nablopomo creators every few days or so. this last week perhaps the thoughts came daily, but i am sure that is fairly common. tinker (she who sent me to nablopomo) had a similar experience. on days where i had nothing to say; so would post random babbling; she would just tack up a photo. i'm sure that says a lot about our natures, but let's not delve that deeply.

this past week has been freakybusy as i'm sure you noticed. one thing that has been difficult has been making time for thehobbit. some days i wasn't able to be as present as i would have liked, but for the most part i managed to rock the mamahood. like this day:

thehobbit designed the house, & i did the cutting. yes i know we don't need more little houses, but - well i don't have a but... hahahahaha don't have a but hahahaha. i'm sorry, i woke 2 days in a row before 5am, & am a little slap-happy.

we saved the cut pieces to make the windows stand out more, & possibly some shutters. we are not in accord on the subject of shutters, my hobbity boy & i. i may have to leave a teeny note from the borrowers, asking for shutters.

here we have an interior shot of the first story. hey! my cutting mat gives the illusion of linoleum.
thehobbit wants to make this the guest-guest house. let me clarify: he wants this to be the place the guests of the guests stay. got it? yeah, it makes little sense to me as well. i was thinking of turning it into a faery house. we could cover the exterior in thin sheets of bark, the roof with moss perhaps, & all the furniture could be made from twigs. i know! i should be making this house with you instead.
ok my sweet one & only reader, i am off. thanks for sharing nablopomo with me. tomorrow we go back to the regular insanity.

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