17 November 2008

day :: 17

a portion of yesterday was spent chained to the sewing nook. fortunately we had a great book
to listen to, & thehobbit was happy to play & craft nearby as i worked.

these drink slings were a custom order. the blue one is for a very wee child - both the handles & the body had to be altered to fit the size of the child, & the smaller water bottle respectively.

thehobbit was an excellent assistant; helping choose the many fabrics, & oohing & ahhing as each sling was completed. i wish i'd taken a photo of him playing on the floor by my table, surrounded by bits of thread & fabric, & wearing a tie. never was there a more odd adorable little assistant.

i managed to complete this wip - a birthday prezzie for a little friend. it wasn't until i had the photos uploaded that i noticed the foreshortening makes the pencil pouch appear freakycrooked. it's not; the pouch is a lovely rectangle, & i am too lazy to retake the photo.


the air quality is better today,which means we can finally open our windows. the reports say it's still unhealthy for sensitive people though, (thehobbit & his all-boy-asthma-circus) so no outside play just yet.

fires are still raging, & hundreds more homes have been lost. mrpaper was recalled yesterday; but i've yet to hear if he has been sent to any of the fires. i hope he stays safe. i hope all the firemen stay safe. ** update :: mrpaper was not sent, & is back at home, safely annoying my dear paper **


so as not to leave you on a sad & worrisome note:


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