04 November 2007

spoiled rotten!

the past few weeks romancing manlyman's speedy (work) laptop, in the cozy comfort of my bigroom.... and i am spoiled rotten to the core. i'm not ashamed to admit it. what i am is no longer willing to sit alone in sir fennel's room, & work on my pc - which runs at the speed of dirt. why am i telling you? to explain why no photos of the funky market bags i made yesterday, nor of the first patchwork tote! bad kat.

i have to say i'm quite proud of myself. i've been dreaming of starting my own biz for so long, & now i'm actually doing it! i have stacks & stacks of things completed. ok two stacks, but technically that would qualify as stacks & stacks. so yay me!

the week ahead is going to be freaky-busy. in addition to the usual stuff, we have a roots & shoots meeting, i need to hit some thrift shops for fabric, the library is insisting we give books back, and i have to have a stamp made. that last is making me giddy! a stamp with my very own bizzie's name on it. people! err person! do you know that i looooove office supplies almost as much as i love art supplies? that is to say... office supplies + bizzie's name = well, i'm not sure what it equals, but it's probably illegal in a few states.

manlyman has a big gallery opening (ok golf thing - let a girl dream) for two of the days ahead, so i'll also be dealing with a mopey hobbit. i'm fairly sure he'll only be a pain in my arse in the mornings & eves. during the day he's seeing minipaper one day, then minisoap on day two. easy peasy.

pics tomorrow, i promise!


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