24 November 2007

autumnal deep distractions

i meant to spend the week doing the autumnal deep cleaning, really i did. i even wrote a schedule of what was to be cleaned each day. somewhere between monday morning & today i got distracted. i'm not totally sure of this, but i believe it happend monday afternoon. i began organizing & rearranging... i do so love both those activities. the short of it? the house is in shambles; each room is clean, but torn apart. yesterday we destroyed sir fennel's room, & now can get neither in nor out without climbing & crawling. which means access to the laundry room is hampered. (pun not intended, but currently giving me the giggles.)

so what to do next? well i could beat myself up for not having stuck to the task at hand, or i can declare next week to be autumnal deep cleaning week. i choose the later. why moan when you can put something off?

the bizzie portion of my life is going well. the stamp is ready (yay!) to be picked up, & the "stock room" is filling nicely. here's a photo taken this morning:

last night before collapsing on the couch i managed a few drink slings, cut fabric for more, & affixed ribbon closures to needle books. notice the huge stack of market bags atop the built-in!

what's on the books for today? well not autumnal deep cleaning that's for sure. today is hogwarts. it's a few hours away yet, so thehobbit's not in his uniform. in his jams still you ask? nope. this is a photo taken one hour ago:

he's not playing any specific dress-up game if you were wondering. this is just who he is when at home. he used to dress in his fancies or costumes all the time, but too many people would comment. nothing negative, he's just uber-shy, & didn't like the attention.

where has the time gone?! i've exactly one hour to get ready! yikes! do you know what my sweet-&-only reader? time with you is great fun, but my how you distract me.


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