19 November 2007

so sad & five things

firstly i want to say how sad i am to hear that our martha's mama passed away this weekend. big martha was always such fun to watch when she appeared on martha's show. how sad. i hope our martha is ok. (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))

i had to get that in first, so i wouldn't be ending on a sad note.

minisoap's party was great fun (you outdid yourself soap!) we are recovering quietly today. no pictures. too tired to turn on elvie.

instead i thought i'd tell you five things i like.

1) victoria - it's back!!!!!!!
2) this & this - yes two things technically. don't get nit-pickedty
3) urban outfitters - the santa monica shop makes me drool
4) arthur - such a sweet movie! (despite a few 'actors' trying to ruin it via wretched perfomances) the little boy is brilliant.
5) cauliflower sammiches (see below)

cauliflower sammiches
sweet hawaiian egg bread, lightly toasted
thinly sliced cauliflower, steamed
1) liberally spread may on both slices
2) add tobasco to one slice, to taste, & salt/pepper
3) layer as much cauliflower as you can get on there
4) plop on the other slice, & eat right away!
have a faboo day!

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