16 November 2007

rainy days & crumdays...

...always get me doooowwwwwwn. well that's only partially true. i like rainy days. plus it's not raining. it is a crummy day though. i'll spare you. suffice it to say that i so wish i had not run out of soy cream. coffee would be lovely right now. coffee with booze in it. or maybe booze with coffee in it. i'm flexie.

people have been writing, wanting to see pictures of me. ask & you shall receive. here i am this morning, sitting in a favorite chair by the bigroom window:

i had to crop the picture due to a lack of clothing from the waist down. not quite sure where my skirt has got to.

time to rise above the crumminess of the day, & get going. i hope everyone out there is having a lovely day. or at least has the coffee creamer of their choosing to help get them through it.


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