13 November 2007

she who must be obeyed...

that's right, i am queen of my castle. no sassy, slower-than-dirt computer stands a chance against me. i sat elvie down & told her what's what. ha!

i won't even begin my babble until i've shared a few photos. here is one of the patchy totes

& its interior with my very first lining attempt (i turned the bag around, so you could see that the fabrics are different)

there's nothing thrilling to show on the farm as it's all seedlings, & new rows right now. happily our alpine strawberry pots are still going strong. i think they're the prettiest of plants.

here is a before photo of the pillow sham that i scored last week thrifting

ok, technically i forgot to take a pic before i turned it into a bag, but as there was a second, i was able to take one of it. none need know of my duplicity. i know you won't tell.

& the after photo!

yes i know... it is an odd shape. i was going to cut the design out, & center that on a tote of different fabric (like any normal person,) but i thought this would be interesting. i don't know that others will think so, but i like it's oddness. it doesn't fall into any of my exsisting categories, so i created a new line. this is the first of my nonsense bags. if it were a tad longer i'd keep it for my yoga mat. i won't make an identical one with the other sham though. the sham's quilting made the handles a pain in the arse to attach. maybe i'll chop it to bits for holiday ornaments?? make an apron? some sort of things? who knows.

ok babbling time (as if i hadn't already begun.)

i ordered my stamp! the woman at the counter thought i was odd; getting the giggles over a stamp. i imagine she has been working the stamp counter too long. she's seen it all. jaded. fortunately my sweet manlyman is used to my odd ways. (he says i'm sparkley.) he gave my stamp giddiness the appropriate reaction, & hid the "my wife is strange"look in his eyes completely! now that is a man.

we managed to get a good amount done on the farm yesterday. manlyman dug out all the nasties from around the last of the raised beds, so that can get readied for planting this week. i wish i knew what the nasties were, so i could show you our enemy. they are the most aggressive, nastiest things i've ever encountered! they grow freaky under the ground, pop up everywhere, are drought tolerant, grow to be 15ft tall (as we see in our neighbors' yards,) & have vicious thorns.

while the denastification was going on, thehobbit & i tended the beds. we now have (in various stages of growth)... brussels sprouts, carrots, radishes, leeks, scallions, sugar snap peas, sweet potatoes, turnips, chard, green beans, celery, artichokes, alpine strawberries, herbs, & one lone cherry tomato. i'm amazed that the tomato plant is still going. only a few fruits a week, but it's fun. oh, & we have trees: apple, pear, lemon. the farm is still a tiny one, but i've got huge plans oh reader my reader!

wow that has to be record babbling. time to be off. thehobbit & minisoap are decorating teeeeny xmas trees for their borrowers' houses.


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